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Valentine Youth Event 2011

Health & Safety at the Notting Hill Carnival 2010

Join us on 29 Sunday and 30 Monday August 2010

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Fundraising Dinner and Dance August 2010

Sexual Health Conference For All.

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Sexual Health Conference - August 09

Myhealthnet is to hold it's annual BME Sexual Health Conference in August 2009 at the YMCA, venue and date tbc

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Contraception and Targeted Youth Support

Preventing underage pregnancy and second pregnancy whilst supporting teenage parents is part of the long term prevention work.

MyHealthnet teenage Prevention Strategy involves raising aspiration and skills of young parents and reducing the risk factors for early and pregnancy in their children.

This strategy also contributes to short term prevention by supporting teenage mothers and young fathers to avoid repeat unplanned pregnancies

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MyHealthnet Youth Valentine Event –February 09

This yearly youth event took place at our Ellen Brown Centre Grange road, on the 7th of February 2009.We had a very large and keen audience of young men and women of primary and secondary age group from the local communities. Sexual Health Drama was captivating and directed by peer leaders and facilitated by staff.  This was a thoroughly enjoyed event with an encouraging youth evaluation of the workshop.  New members and peer leaders were indentified and recruited.

The key message and objectives of the day was – “Get Educated, Get Wise, and Get Respect!” and Condom use; promoting young people friendly services in preventing STIs / HIV and teenage pregnancy; and the importance of supporting young people to protect their sexual health, through both education and access to services.

The importance of Youth Peer support was emphasised by the success of this youth led event. The workshop empowered young people to discuss personal concerns openly and safely, they shared information freely, accessed advice, explored and removed myths and misconceptions about relationships and sexual healthcare services.

The young drama group dramatised different social and health issues regarding

  • Tackling teenage conceptions
  • Developing Self Esteem and Saying No to Early Sex
  • Supporting parents and careers

The Question and Answer plenary sessions was on ‘Abstinence’ chaired by Peer leaders, groups and a panel discussion on abstinence, gave ample opportunity for discussion, individual and group questions and answers, myths bursting and feedback. Refreshments was provided - Hot and cold meal and snacks and drinks The event was ended with young people participating in talents competition showcasing Poetry Singing / Music and valentine gift Raffle

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